20 Fruits And Veggies That Are Perfect For A Container Garden – Homestead Farming

20 Fruits And Veggies That Are Perfect For A Container Garden – Homestead Farming

In today’s video, I will share with you 20 fruits and vegetables that are perfect for a container garden. Being self-sufficient on the farm or homestead is one thing that makes us homesteaders. Living off the land, foraging, husbandry, cutting our own wood for heat and cooking, gardening, canning, keeping bees preserving, and all the other fun things is what us homesteaders get to do.

It is early winter here in Illinois. That means the ground is starting to freeze, the air is getting colder and the pattern of snow falling and melting begins. Soon the ground will be covered in a blanket of snow and everything outside will turn into a beautiful winter wonderland. A wonderland that leaves this green-thumbed woman yearning for the days of spring.

I use this time to brainstorm and plan my springtime planting. I love to draw out garden designs to figure out where I am going to plant next year’s family garden. I get out the seed box from its cool dark place in my office closet and take an inventory of what we have and what we need to order. Then I place an order for the additional seeds that I will need for the spring.

I normally start my seedlings late winter inside the house and in our garage area. This ensures my plants grow strong and healthy until they are ready to be planted outside and exposed to the elements. Living on a homestead in Illinois that is surrounded by nothing but 40 acres of open fields and wooded areas leaves us exposed to high winds and lots of crazy weather. I need to take care that my little plants have the best chance of surviving the elements outside.

There are a few plants that I love starting inside and even keeping in their own containers creating a little container garden. Your container garden can be anywhere on your homestead that gets lots of light, has warm temps, and is watered frequently. I use the back patio or even place the containers out by my raised garden plots with the rest of my vegetables.

Here is a list of plants that I always have success growing in a container garden:
Green Beans
Collard Greens
Swiss Chard
Green Onions
Potatoes/Sweet Potatoes

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