7 DISTURBING True Hunting Stories

7 DISTURBING True Hunting Stories

THIS IS A REUPLOAD! Be careful, or something might make STEW out of YOU.

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Story Music Tracks by CO.AG

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1. My First Time Hunting from Okay Chloe 0:53
2. I Think I Saw a Skinwalker from HereComesDatBoi 7:48
3. It Watched Me the Whole Time from DraculasNightmare 10:09
4. Dogman vs Game Warden from Tanner 13:21
5. Osceola New York Werewolf from charcoal_pitbull23 18:47
6. I Saw Something I Can’t Explain Behind my House from Cody203 20:59
7. The Forest Behind my House from Norman 25:42



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