7 Fruits & Vegetables You Can Grow In Hanging Baskets

7 Fruits & Vegetables You Can Grow In Hanging Baskets

Gardeners who are limited when it comes to space are always experimenting with ways to grow food vertically, and using hanging pots is often one of the very best options. Even if you aren’t worried about space, growing food crops in a hanging container can be a fun way to add more visual interest to your garden – after all, some fruits and vegetables are just as pretty as flowers.

Not every type of plant does well in hanging pots. For example, watermelons, and many types of squash, are just far too-heavy, while corn is way too tall. But there are lots of smaller plants that are likely to thrive. Vining crops whose fruits are light enough to handle all the drooping without breaking, and smaller, upright varieties, are ideal.
Here are 7 fruits and vegetables worth trying in hanging baskets.

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