Automatic fruit and vegetable packing machine.Cherry Tomatoes

Automatic fruit and vegetable packing machine.Cherry Tomatoes

LANDPACK Automatic fruit and vegetable packing machine.Cherry Tomatoes
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Packing Vegetables / Fruits with Tray or without Tray.
Leafy Vegetables:arugula,brussels sprouts,cabbage,collard greens,curly chicory,dandlion greens,kale,lettuces,mache,mustard greens, nettles,purslane,red cabbage,spinach,watercress,etc
Bulb Vegetables:leeks,onions,shallots,scallion,etc
Stalk Vegetables:asparagus,celery,fennel bulbs,swiss chard,etc
Bag Type: Pillow Bag
Film Material: Laminated Film
Shape of Sealed Bag: Back Sealing(Central Sealing)
Material Quality: Stainless Steel
Packing Speed: 20-150 Bags/Min
Film Width: Max.600mm
Bag Length: 160-500mm
Bag Width: 50-280mm
Products High: Max.110mm
Warranty: 1 year
Control: CPU or PLC
Landpack provides packing machine, horizontal flow pack machine, vertical packing machine, packing feeding line and Provide a complete package solution. Those machines are widely used in packing various kinds of For Fruits, vegetables, bread and other food packaging and hardware, disposable supplies, sponges, and any other industrial supplies.

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Mobile/whatsapp:+86 18928656756

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