BEST Deer Hunting Stories Ever Told by James Kroll Dr Deer – Brassicas

BEST Deer Hunting Stories Ever Told by James Kroll Dr Deer – Brassicas

Snake Oiler Spotlight # 2 – James Kroll – Dr Deer on Brassicas
Snake Oil Salesman Spotlight – To recognize and expose to the world! … Captured ONLY on http://www.HawgNSonsTV.Com

James Kroll aka Dr Deer says:
“There are different products and varieties on the market unfortunately don’t live up to their advertisement and their hype and I am sitting in the middle of one of them. These are Brassicas, Forage Turnips and Rape aaa several different names for them. But they are NOT eaten by deer until it freezes. If you take a Brassica leaf and dab it against your tongue and in just a little bit your tongue will get numb. There’s an alkaloid in there and when it freezes it’s converted to sugars and that’s the ONLY time the deer will eat them. On this research facility that’s about 7 OR 8 DAYS. SO WE PUT ALOT OF MONEY INTO GROWING BRASSICAS … FOR 7 OR 8 DAYS OF FEEDING? Doesn’t make much sense.”

Watch here:

2012 December 7 – Button buck eating Dwarf Essex Rape.

2012 March 13 – Purple Top Turnips browsed the 1st year planted.

2015 June 22 – Crab Claw III a 1 year old buck eating Brassicas in 80 degree weather

The Soybeans I use in Northeastern Illinois are:

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Tristan Tyrcha
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