Best Hunting Horn Songs To Counter Fatalis And Carry Randoms Monster Hunter World Iceborne Tips

Best Hunting Horn Songs To Counter Fatalis And Carry Randoms Monster Hunter World Iceborne Tips

So if randoms still carting too much for you to finish off Fatalis, try this song set up. Fatalis Hunting Horn is the strongest but if you can’t make it, you will need something else to until then! good luck.

I have guides on Fatalis here linked below.
Fatalis Tip you need to know
Fatalis Guide on “Ocean of Fire Attack”
Fatalis Guide on “Flame Thrower Snake Attack”
Fatalis Guide on “Lava Burst Attack”
Fatalis Guide on “360 Fire Attack”

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Here is an Alatreon Run with no items, no clutch claw, no palico, SOLO!

Iceborne isn’t easy for some people. Master Rank can be a challenge, but with my tutorials, walkthrough, meta set builds, counter builds, tips and tricks, you will become worthy of the 5th fleet. Also, check out my speed runs,TA(time attacks) and solo runs. I put my heart into these Monster Hunter World Iceborne Guides, I love if you spread the love and share my video to a hunter in need. My step by step guides do take a while after new events come out. I only try to have quality tutorials and not rush something unfinished. Join me, Helbenteus on the Monster Hunter Journey!

Most of my guides can be use for any weapons. The in-depth, detail, expert walk through will arm you with knowledge of how to beat certain master rank monsters, learn their weakness, and counter attack. I also have anti set, counter guides, you name it! I got you covered. I specialize in Hunting Horn and Hammer. So extra tips on those weapons.

I cover guides on my favorite monsters in master rank such as Alatreon, Furious Rajang, Rajang, Frostfang Barioth, Deviljho, Stygian Zinogre, Namielle, Bazelgeusse. I will try to cover future monsters and past ones if I have time such as Teostra, Lunastra, Blackveil, Kirin, Tigrex, gold rathian, Silver rathalos, Yian Garugara, temper monsters threat level 3, guiding lands, felyne food skills, canteen food skills. I will cover tutorials on in depth armor skills tips and guides. How to mix good armor sets, best armor skills, decorations for monster hunter world iceborne.

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