Diver Discovers Underwater Treasure Beneath Pharaoh's Tomb

Diver Discovers Underwater Treasure Beneath Pharaoh's Tomb

Recently a team of US divers and scientists have found buried treasure underneath an Egyptian pharaohs tomb. They discovered it under one of Africa’s famous pyramids – wait t’ill you see what it’s worth!

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Underneath a 30 foot high, 2,300 year old pyramid and cut into the earth’s bedrock is the tomb of an ancient Pharaoh, ruler of the Kingdom of Kush. These southern neighbors of the ancient Egyptians were similar to their neighbors of the north in several ways. They enshrined their leaders in pyramidal tombs, only the Kushite people buried their mummies deep under the pyramids rather than in them like the Egyptians. Over the centuries, climate change has caused the tombs under this once great monument to be completely submerged underwater. Join The Richest as see what was found!

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