DIY Vertical Garden | Stackable Planter | Dollar Tree DIY

DIY Vertical Garden | Stackable Planter | Dollar Tree DIY

#dollaretreedupe #dollartreeDIY #stackableplanter #verticalgarden

Stackable planter vertical garden Dupe. Why pay Alot of money for something you can DIY and love it while saving money. #dollartree #dollartreedupe

If you live in the city this a perfect project to do. You can stack it 7 high and have alot of space t grow. Dollar Tree planters for a dollar Can not beat that. #dollartreehighenddupe #dollartreediy #dollartreeDIY

I try to grow in containers here in the city, since I don’t have much space. I try to grow up also to pack in alot of garden space in an urban city. I want to inspire others to grow in a tiny space. Just grab some seeds, and dirt and start where your at.. You can do it to.

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We live in Miami a few days of week for work and live a few days on the farm, so this is a glimpse of my other world.

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