Elk Hunting Clothing EXPLAINED (Base, Mid, Insulating, Outer Layer)

Elk Hunting Clothing EXPLAINED (Base, Mid, Insulating, Outer Layer)

When hunting out West, weather can vary dramatically and a layering system is needed to remain comfortable during all conditions. Steve walks through the basics of a layering system for elk hunting. Steve was fortunate to win a category in the Kuiu Film Festival to acquire his system but we want to emphasize that brand does not matter but rather having a system that works well is the most important. All the brands like Kuiu, Sitka and First Lite have quality gear but you can get less expensive gear that will do the job especially when you are starting out. Our best advise is to go on a hunt and get experience! You will quickly learn what you like and what you don’t like after that. Good luck!

Base Layer Properties
– Close to Skin
– Breathable
– Lightweight to Dry quickly
– Moisture Wicking
– Merino or Synthetic

Mid Layer
– Added warmth
– Hooded
– Heavier weight
– Still Breathable
– Merino, Fleece

Insulation Layer
– Not Breathable
– Hold in body heat
– Down vs. Synthetic
– Also called Puffy

Outer Layer
– Protects from the elements of wind and rain
– Can wear rain gear as outer layer
– Durable

I have Kuiu Yukon rain gear that works well. I would recommend the jacket as an outer layer.

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