Enclosed Raised Beds

Enclosed Raised Beds

Now that we are in Texas, it’s time to get that farmhouse, rustic feel into a project! These enclosed, raised beds will make gardening really enjoyable. Trying out some Hugelkultur!

100,000 subscribers. Wow. This project really is a love letter to the beginnings of this channel and hopefully captures the spirit of how I document projects. The very first video I made was the creation of a woodshed for firewood storage; it filled a need that I had at my new house. Two years later, I moved across the country and here I am, documenting the projects and sharing with 100,000 of you. My projects range from musical instruments to shop projects to unique mechanisms, so there’s quite a wide range of topics, but somehow you all have the same appreciation for the craft of making things that I do. I can’t thank you all enough for your support. I sincerely appreciate it. As I pass this huge milestone, I still have no shortage of ideas for projects, so I will continue to document and share with you all. No filler videos (which means irregular updates) but that just means that you’ll get quality projects that are worth your time to enjoy.

Some notes on the build:
Pressure treated with a raised bed? Yeah, there’s all kinds of debate on that. I did my due diligence to cover as much of it as possible so that the soil won’t be touching it. But most studies have shown that modern pressure treated lumber doesn’t leech anything in quantity into the soil, and what it does isn’t bad. That said, do as I say, not as I do. Use cedar if you’re really concerned.

Hugelkultur?! No, that’s not a Schrute family tradition, though it might be used in beet farming. Basically it’s a method of making raised beds that uses a fallen tree and mounding soil over it. I took the idea here to try it in the raised beds themselves. There are benefits to hugelkultur. It takes up plenty of space so that you don’t have to fill it up with all the way with dirt. The wood, sticks and twigs retain moisture so that helps the soil from drying out. And as it all decays, it adds nutrients back into the soil. We’ll see how that works out over the years!

More to come. Thanks for everything!

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