Ep. 182: Learning to Saddle Hunt and Urban Hunting Stories with Taylor Chamberlain // Tethrd

Ep. 182: Learning to Saddle Hunt and Urban Hunting Stories with Taylor Chamberlain // Tethrd

On this episode of the East Meets West Hunt podcast, Beau Martonik is joined by Taylor Chamberlain of Tethrd. Some of you may know him has the Urban Sportsman or the host of the Hang and Hunt podcast, but Taylor is one of the most experienced saddle hunters that I know. We talk about dealing with hangovers, the Tethrd Teach-N-Train Tour, learning to saddle hunt, transitioning from big woods to urban hunting and some stories from hunting in the suburbs.


Dealing with hangovers

Tethrd Teach-N-Train Tour

Background on Taylor

Introduction to saddle hunting

From the big woods to urban hunting

Stories from the hunting the burbs



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    Boynes about hour north from me

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    Great Podcast!

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    We think this is one of the Best shows. Thank you