February Garden Jobs

February Garden Jobs

We’ve moved past the beginning of the year and are heading into the first month that we can really start seed sowing. There are also bare-root strawberry plants to get in, potatoes to chit, and garden projects to complete. Time to get moving, since the growing year will soon be upon us.

In this video, I share how and why I’m potting up bare-root strawberries individually, and go through some of my February garden jobs. I also share other ideas that you can be doing in your garden in February.

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🌿 Question for you: Where is the main place that you start your seeds? Under grow lights, the greenhouse, a cold-frame, direct in the soil, or on the window sill?

For more information on how to grow seeds undercover, including information on grow lights and propagators, visit: https://lovelygreens.com/starting-seeds-indoors-grow-lights/

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