How to Make Hoops for Raised Beds (4 Ways)

How to Make Hoops for Raised Beds (4 Ways)

Hoops in your raised beds can help make gardening success easier. Gardener Scott shows how to make four different types of hoops using four different materials. From low hoops to high hoops, your plants can be protected. Garden hoops will support row cover fabric, shade cloth, hail cloth, plastic, and bird netting. Watch to see how to make hoops that are only 16 inches above the soil and hoops that are more than four feet high using poly tubing, PVC pipe, metal conduit, and cattle panels. (Video #98)

Link to pipe/tube cutter:
Plastic sheeting:
3/4″ Tube Straps:

My camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-G85:

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