Hunting Elk in Grizzly Bear Country (Elk Talk Podcast – EP55)

Hunting Elk in Grizzly Bear Country (Elk Talk Podcast – EP55)

In this Episode (55) of The Elk Talk Podcast, Corey and Randy take on the many questions listeners have about hunting elk in grizzly bear country. Some of the best elk hunting in the west is occupied by grizzlies, yet many avoid these areas.

Topics covered include:

*How to Avoid Grizzly Bears while hunting elk
*How to keep a clean camp
*Field Dressing an Elk with bears around
*Hanging elk quarters in camp
*Bear Spray or Sidearm?
*Risky behaviors
*Grizzly bear density and distribution
*Best defense in an attack
*…and other topics that hopefully get you more comfortable hunting in grizzly country!


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