Hunting Tradition Passed On

It’s a cold crisp winter day, cloudy and damp, just right for still hunting or stalking game in the woods of central Texas . The hunt takes place in Bosque Co. just west of Lake Whitney which is a mix of hardwood’s, mesquite, and of course cactus. Along for the hunt is a son and his daughter. They are bow hunting for white tail deer she is along for the experience and does not carry or shot a bow yet, being about twelve years old. Not quite strong enough yet to pull and hold the minimum draw weight of a compound bow. Dressed in full camo, they slowly still hunt along the edge of a well used game trail. Reaching on area that has been pre-scouted and tree stands set up. One in a large tall oak, and the other in a short distance away, over looking small pound and feeder. With game trails leading in to pond and clearing. He places Elizabeth in a concealed pocket of brush at the base of the old oak, so she may safely observe the clearing and any game that shows up. A short time later a hunting companion Mike comes in to the same oak tree stand. Totally unaware someone is sitting so quiet and still and camouflaged. He does not see her. Into the tree stand he climbs. He settles in, she wonders, should I say something or just stay Quite and still. Finally Beth decides it might be best to make mike aware of her presence, since he dips and might have to or decide to spit or have a nature call. She finally tries and gets his attention. With surprise and somewhat shocked to find a doe of a different species than was expected. The stay, set quietly and watch trails leading into their clearing, bird’s, duck flying over going to Lake Whitney or other ponds, but no deer. Mean time David in a treestand by a pond has sensed a very faint sound. His senses tuned into his surroundings adrenaline builds, heart pounding a movement is spotted along one of the trails. It’s a deer, silently he waits for a sign is it a buck or doe. Will the deer show itself. Finally the deer steps to his twenty-five yard marker. Just as he sets the twenty-five yard pin on her and releases at that very same instance she spook’s, clean miss, arrow hits where she had been, David get down, goes and checks, no blood or sign of a hit . He say’s thanks in his mind for the opportunity. Slowly he walks back to the ancient oak to meet his daughter and finds her and friend mike waiting unlike the predator that missed and spends his night hungry. The hunters go back to camp for a good meal and campfire, they talk of past hunts, experiences and lesson’s learned are shared , each sit quietly by the fire, watching the stars enjoying the quality time shared. May your arrows be trueFree Articles,

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