I Bought a Llama! (Help me name it!)

I Bought a Llama! (Help me name it!)

Vote Here: https://blog.gerbergear.com/randy-newbergs-llama-naming-contest

Randy heads to Idaho to catch up with Beau Baty of Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas. They check out some mounds of llama fertilizer, and meet the new baby llamas from this spring.

Randy decides to permanently reserve a llama by buying one for himself. Gerber Gear is purchasing the naming rights to the llama, but they need your help to name it!

Go to the link below to find the details on how you can win some gear by picking a name for Randy’s new llama.

Pack llama rentals still available for the 2020 hunting season! Check out Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas: https://wildernessridgetrailllamas.com/

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