Landscaping Ideas for a Small Area


The right landscaping idea or advice can basically make or break a
house’s ambience and initial impression. Owners of smaller homes in
particular may have some difficulty expressing what they want when it
comes to the looks of their lawn or yard due to the constraints of the
space. The perceived lack of space should not daunt the home owner
because there are many different ways to utilize the area without
sacrificing too much on ideas and aesthetics.

Flower Beds and Boxes
Small yards should not limit the beauty of the home. One can use plant
boxes or raised flower beds to make the yard more attractive and more
colorful. The reason behind the utilization of borders is due to the
fact that plants and flowers planted at foot level may suffer from being
trampled. Differentiating between the footpath and the bed helps to
remind people that they should not step on the plants and flowers in the
area. Landscaping ideas for this not only focus on raised beds and
plants boxes but also bring to light the beauty of border plants and
small fences.

A line of fist sized rocks, or bigger, can help to remind people they
need to stay off the plants. Small wooden stakes can also serve as a
sort of picket fence that can appear rustic. Another way to emphasize
the path is to actually use flagstones which are a sure indication that
these are where the home owner wants the people e to step on when they
are in the garden. The pathway can be made of large flat rocks that may
be a square foot or larger. They can also be a batch of flat bricks that
are put together to make shapes. Pavers can also serve to be an
attractive foot path. On the other hand, both the bricks and pavers can
serve as low walls to protect the plants and flowers.

Rock Gardens
A rock garden can also be a creative alternative to plants and flowers.
This also needs little maintenance and may be especially useful for the
busy home owner. Landscaping a garden of this sort may be dependent on
the owner’s creative impulses. If the homeowner lacks this, then he or
she can copy from magazines and the internet. Smaller, low maintenance
plants can also be integrated into the rock garden but these should be
slow to grow and not tower too much. Sand, a solid color, preferably can
be the base for this type of landscaping idea. If the owner prefers
small pebbles, then these can also be used.

Water Fixtures
These kinds of fixtures come in all shapes and sizes. Smaller gardens
will benefit from waterfalls that originate from the wall. This may need
the input and services of a plumber especially the installation.
Fountains or bird bath structures are also attractive to different
animals and insects that can add to the beauty of the area. Aquatic
plants and small fish can be integrated into the waterfalls or small

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