Lion attack Hunter. Best video Ever! Man Eater. Lion hunting videos. Best videos of all time!

Lion attack Hunter. Best video Ever! Man Eater. Lion hunting videos. Best videos of all time!

Watch this amazing video of a lion attack.
Let us know if you want to hunt with this Great Hunting Outfitter. This is one of our favorite videos!

Some more Lion Videos by African Safari Photo and Shawu Wildlife and Film Productions.

Lion Attack Hunter. Man eater attack hunter. Lion charge hunters.

Epic African Hunting Safaris & Photography

African Safari and Photo offers great hunting and photographic safari experiences across Africa. Whether you are interested in an African safari, hunting on the great game plains or looking for a big five adventure, African Safari and Photo specialize in buffalo, lion, elephant, bongo and dangerous game hunting. Book your next hunting safari in South Africa, Namibia, Zambia or Cameroon is truly an amazing experience. We offer quality hunting safaris accompanied by experienced professional hunters.

We hunt over 60 000 acres of prime hunting area with great lodging and great experience. Destinations include South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Cameroon and Tanzania

African Safari and Photo gives you the opportunity to hunt in the wild African rain forest. Have yourself taken by surprise by elephants and gorillas. Follow the tracks of the majestic Lord Derby Eland in the Savannah. Go for a unique and unforgettable hunting experience with us.

Excellent Elephant Bull Hunt in Kaudum National Park Concession – Only US$ 55 000

African Safari Photo exclusive partnership brings 28 years of experience in hosting some of Africa’s very best safaris to Namibia. This Elephant Hunt is a really good opportunity to hunt at one of the top 3 Concessions in Africa for big Elephant Our areas are exclusive for elephant hunting to ensure our hunters are hunting not only the best areas but, also to maintain superb trophy quality and privacy. Our desert concessions provide the very best

7 Days Buffalo hunt and Fishing Special. Only US$ 17 500 all incl.

This is the best combined hunting and fishing special that any outfitter can offer. Hunt for 4 days and do drone fishing for 3 day in the beautiful Eastern Cape.
The Wet & Wild Hunting Special includes

4 Days Epic Buffalo Hunting
3 Days Fishing at one of the best destinations in the Eastern Cape
All meals and luxury accommodation
Transfer Costs included

5 Days Unforgettable Lion Hunt Special. Only US$ 7 500 all incl.

Renowned South African outfitter has reduced the price of this hunt and it is available at this price only through African Safari Photo. This lion hunt takes place in the Kalahari Desert region of the North Pest Province of South Africa.
The Lion Hunting Special includes

5 Days Once In A Lifetime Lion Hunting
All meals and luxury accommodation
Transfer Costs included

7 Days SA Plains Game Hunt Special. Only US$ 6 900 all incl.

This 7-day plains game package in South Africa is a very good deal! The hunt includes five plains game trophy fees! Daily photographic safaris, curio shopping, tribal night and more!
The South African Hunting Special includes

7 Days Hunting Package
5 x Game Hunts (Kudu, Springbok, Gemsbok, Blesbok, Warthog)
5 x Game Trophy Fees
All meals and luxury accommodation
Transfer Costs included

7 Day / 6 Animal Northern Cape Hunt Special. Only US$ 8 000 all incl.

Your discounted plains game safari will be hosted by a family that has specialized in making memories for hunters for many years. You will experience a level of service that rivals the best that Africa has to offer.
The Northern Cape Hunting Special includes

7 Days Rifle or Bow Hunting
6 x Game Hunts (Springbok, Gemsbok, Wildebeest, Warthog, Impala & Blesbok)
Trophy Fees Included
All meals and luxury accommodation
Transfer Costs included

7 Days SA Plains Hunting Starter Special. Only US$ 8 800 all incl.

This is the ultimate safari in the Northern Cape or Limpopo province at an unheard of price. You will hunt on a 50,000+ acre concessions that has over 80 species of animals living on it. With a 4-star lodge, free Drinks and thousands of animals to hunt, this is truly the ultimate plains game safari.
The Starter Pack Hunting Special includes

7 Days Hunting
10 x Game Hunts (Zebra, GEmsbok, Blesbok, Warthog, Springbok, Blue Wildebeest, Balck Wildebeest, Duiker, Hartebeest & Impala)
Trophy Fees Included
All meals and luxury accommodation
Transfer Costs included
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