Looking For Dull Hair Treatment? Try These Home Made Remedies


Having shiny, thick, and long hairs is the dream
of most the women. If compared to the ancient era, women in modern
world are more prone to the hair problems. One of the major reasons
behind these problems is the hectic lifestyle which creates a number of
tensions in life. The other reason is today most of the women are
working so they have to perform double duties; one in the office and
other at home. Most of them go for those expensive hair spas
and beauty treatments but, every woman can’t afford them. They look for
something inexpensive and that can be done with the material available
at home. You might be shocked but, your kitchen is a hidden place for
many treatments that can heal all the problems in a natural way. Even
spices like turmeric has a remarkable effect if applied on the skin with
a combination of gram flour or taken after mixing it with milk. It also
acts as an anti-oxidant. To match the growing level of fashion
in India you have to take care of your complete body starting from head
to toe. There are many treatments to treat and cure dull hairs. These
treatments won’t require you to break your bank. Below mentioned list
will make your ways clear and help you to get rid of hair problems. Take
two teaspoons of gram flour commonly called as besan and mix it with a
cup of coconut milk. Apply this mixture thoroughly on your scalp and
massage gently for fifteen to twenty minutes and leave it for five
minutes then rinse well. Beer adds a natural shine to the hairs
and increases its length also. Apply it for half an hour and rinse well
with lukewarm water. Don’t get worried about the smell as it will not
be there for more time. Honey also acts as a moisturizer for
hairs and it removes dryness as well as dullness of the hairs
intensively. Mix a teaspoon of honey with 4 cups of warm water and apply
it after shampoo. Rinse it after half hour. Don’t forget to
massage your hairs every time before you wash. If you don’t have enough
time then at least apply the oil like olive oil or coconut oil once in a
week. Baking soda is a very effective natural home remedy.
Mix one fourth cup water with 1 tablespoon baking soda and whip it well
to make a thin paste. With the help of wide toothed combed disperse it
finely and equally all over. Apply white portion of egg means
excluding the egg yolk on the hairs well and leave it for half to one
hour. Wash your hairs with your normal shampoo. Apart from all
this, it also depends upon your hair style. When you are going in a
dusty and bustling area it is better to tie your hairs to prevent them
from dust. In addition to it, your hair style should also be in
compliance with the dresses like Designer Kurti. So, nourish your hairs carefully to give them any look you want.

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