Monster Hunter World: The Hunting Horn Experience

Monster Hunter World: The Hunting Horn Experience


I have been an avid hunting horn main since I first picked up the weapon back in Monster Hunter 4 and I have never looked back.

Capcom’s decision to label the hunting horn as a “support” weapon left a somewhat bad taste in my mouth since it might give new players a wrong idea as to how the weapon should be used. The “support” role in video games is often – but not always – associated with a sort of passive playstyle that revolves around only buffing your team while leaving the damage dealing to them. It might also give the impression that the hunting horn is not viable for solo play.

This is wrong.

When you are using a hunting horn you are not a cheerleader supporting from the sides; you are in the heat of the fight attacking the monster’s head to stun and break parts. Buffing your team is a major component in the hunting horn’s kit, but it is not its sole purpose. It’s damage output is incredibly high and it would be a waste to squander all that potential due to a “support” label.

The hunting horn is a marvelous and fun weapon that everyone should give a try when they get a chance.

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