Mulch Like a Pro | How to Mulch Tutorial | How to Mulch and Edge | Landscaping Tips | LawnCrack

Mulch Like a Pro | How to Mulch Tutorial | How to Mulch and Edge | Landscaping Tips | LawnCrack

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Step by step guide on how to mulch like a pro!

Pro Tips:

1) Round up any weeds at least 3 days before you plan to spread the mulch. This will eliminate so many of the future weeds from even germinating it is not even funny!

2)Get a steel spade instead of a cheap wooden spade. You will thank me! Quit being so cheap! Spending money on things that make jobs go faster and strain your employees less are GOOD investments.

3)Get a full-size pitchfork to scoop your mulch. There is just no other way to efficiently scoop mulch. A scoop shovel works great for the last little bit.

Mulch Tutorial:

Weeding/Edging – Before Any Mulch is Laid

Prune anything in need and weed beds before edging. This will keep the dirt out of our yard waste. Picking up dirt mixed in with your plant clippings is not fun and this will also cause the local yard waste dump site to not accept your debris. Collect weeds and clippings in a bag or tarp. Any border the mulch has with rocks or concrete will need to be scraped back. Any grass border needs to be edged with a shovel 3-5 inches deep. We want our edges clean, neat, and straight. Use a string trimmer to snap a line down before cutting in your edge. MAKE SURE no mulch or dirt is left in the grass before you begin laying mulch. By hand, clean out the edge of any loose debris. Blow everything back into the beds before beginning to mulch, including debris built up along parking lot edge. Break up all dirt clumps and spread them out evenly, so when you begin to mulch you don’t have to mess with them anymore.

Pre-Emergent – Spread the pre-emergent by hand over any area that is to be mulched.

Spreading Mulch
Load up all wheel barrels at the same time. Don’t mulch yourself into a corner. We need an even coat of mulch 1.5 to 2 inches over all the beds. NO CLUMPS OF MULCH! NO MULCH IN THE GRASS.
When finished mulching…tamp all edges with a hard rake. Carefully blow any mulch off the concrete back into the beds.
WHEN COMPLETE. Make sure the area around the trailer is all cleaned up. If you moved the truck and trailer during the job make sure all loading areas are cleaned up.
Make sure we have all of our tools and get to the next job.

Break Down:
1 – Prune and clean up before doing any digging or edging.
2- Edge beds and scrap back concrete borders. Pull weeds not too.
3- Even out clumps left from edging and grade your edge into the bed.
4- Blow any dirt/mulch back into beds from all sides (e.i. parking lot too) Clean out your edge!
5- Pre-M – Make sure all beds are hit!
7- Move truck and trailer as needed – clean each spot as you go
8 – Tamp all edges
9- Blow everything off one more time
10 – Double check work

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