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Teak garden furniture is something that provides a distinct look that is very hard to match. When it has been properly aged, you will find the rich color and strength makes teak patio furniture unlike most any of the other choices that are available on the market. You also will find an impressive choice of sets available because of it’s popularity.There is caution that needs to be taken when you have decided that teak is the way you want to go with your next patio furniture investment. It is important to note that not all those that deal in teak furniture are offering the best quality. Teak wood needs time to properly age and is graded accordingly. What you want is ‘A’ grade teak wood that is usually around 15 years old. This aging will ensure that you end up with outdoor furniture that is durable.Teak wood will generate it’s own oils to help preserve and protect it. The older wood also is much more dense, so it will be heavier. When you try to lift a piece, the weight should seem heavy for the size of the piece you are considering. You can then be assured it is ready and able to withstand the elements. It will hold up well, even in the more humid or wetter climates. If you are buying from those that are unwilling to wait for the teak to mature, it is likely it will rot, well before it’s time. Once you have found the proper dealer to work with, you will then find a variety of styles to sort through. There is the traditional, heavier type that may include items like an armchair and ottoman set. For those that desire a more modern look, there are some very interesting designs being made. These might include using metal frames or include the teak being laid out in interesting patterns. You will find teak garden furniture to be more expensive in most cases. However, you will be investing in one of the most practical and durable woods available. With the choices available, you’ll be able to have either a contemporary or traditional look that is sure to please for many years to come.

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