Plan your vegetable cropping all year

Plan your vegetable cropping all year

To help you make good choices about what to plant, where and when, through all the season. It’s easier with no dig, and when you understand parameters such as rotation.
I explain examples from my intensive cropping and intercropping at Homeacres. From May to October all beds are full , except for a few days before planting, and some are double cropped with interplants.

Here is the Sowing Timeline

More information on my website

in my books

and in my online course

A year of sowing dates, plus gorgeous photos and no dig advice are in my wall calendar, good to buy even late winter & spring

Filmed, inspired and edited by Edward Dowding summer 2019 at Homeacres, 1000 square metres of no dig beds mostly cropped twice every year, zone 8 south west UK, climate is temperate oceanic, mild winters and warm not hot summers.

Spanish subtitles by Maria F. Nieto Ramirez

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