Snowmobile Utopia is Found Here in The U.S.!

America is packed with snowmobile vacation spots for the winter sports aficionado. No matter if you live in California, Michigan, Wyoming or Montana, you can relish in awesome snowmobiling, if that’s what you love. Indeed, among the top three snowmobile trails in the country are the Eagle River Ski Resort in Wisconsin, the Newberry Trail of Michigan, and the Jackson Hole Ski Resort in Wyoming.

Eagle River
The Eagle River Ski Resort, arguably one of the top snowmobile destinations in the U.S., calls its largest trail the “Eagle River 500,” in regards to its enormouse trail that is about 500 miles long. Based on information from the Eagle River website, the trail crosses numerous woods and ponds. As the company site shows, Snowgoer Magazine named this resort #1 in several groups, such as “Best Trail Riding,” “Best Trail Signing,” “Best Area, Catering to Families,” and “Best Weekend and Day Trips,” to name a few.

If you are located in or near Michigan, you probably don’t like to travel as far as Jackson Hole, Wyoming to enjoy snowmobiling. There is a place in Newberry – another one of the greatest snowmobile trails in the U.S. — which is in the state’s Upper Peninsula. Newberry Trail is about 60 miles from the illustrious Mackinac (say Mackinaw) Bridge, one of the treasures of the Upper Penninsula. It has 300 hotel rooms where snowmobilers might like to can crash for the night.

Jackson Hole
Jackson Hole is another place cited to have several of the top snowmobile trails in America. Situated in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, possibly the reason for it’s success is because of its mission statement, which is to ensure the patron the most enjoyable visit during both the drive and the lodging. They allocate you a guide who can solve and of your problems in a professional, yet welcoming manner during your stay. The resort gives individual guides on request, according to availability. Their guides must be CPR, First Aid and Avalanche certified, according to the Jackson Hole website. The resort gives you two meals a day; the employees even make sure that you are dressed appropriately in a snow suit, snow boots, gloves and helmetsFree Articles, which are all approved by the Department-of-Transportation.

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