Spring Garden Tour and Inspirational Gardening Quotes

Spring Garden Tour and Inspirational Gardening Quotes


Welcome to my garden this spring season.I am delighted to show that finally the spring is coming.

In this video I showed my perennial fruit plants which are the different varieties of blueberries which are bluecrop, Darrow; raspberry all gold, gooseberry, muscat grapes, blackberry, whitecurrant, redcurrant, and Elsanta strawberry.

I mentioned in the video that blueberries need ericacious compost as it needs acidic soil.

My fruit trees are Turkey fig; different variety of apples which are gala, braeburn, and lambourne; and different variety of cherry which are sunburst and lapin.

I also showed kale, as my perennial leafy vegetable and rosemary as my herb which are both evergreen.

My perennial flower from bulbs are Lily lavon and Asiatic Lily. My evergreen flowers are coreopsis early sunrise and bergamot.

In between the videos is I inserted some
inspirational quotes about gardening which I hope it will inspires everyone to start or continue gardening.

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