The Big Game Hunting Chronicles, Part IV: Wild Boar

The Big Game Hunting Chronicles, Part IV: Wild Boar

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Welcome to Part IV of the viewer requested hunting stories from my dad. These are the true tales from his years of big game hunting for such animals as bear, elk, moose, and beyond. This one focuses on his wild boar hunts. Pull up a chair and enjoy!

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For the past decade I’ve been history professor at the college level. The knowledge and skills I acquired through my educational journey and profession are put to work in the creation of these videos, allowing me to locate rare primary source materials, analyze them carefully, and coherently deliver the content in an entertaining and educational manner. For each one I conduct an immense amount of research, scouring American and British archives, books, and scholarly journal articles. Gratefully, my profession also grants me access to a network of historical experts & specialists including authors, university professors, and museum curators. I hope you enjoy the end result!

Fair Use Disclaimer: The fair use doctrine in U.S. copyright law allows individuals to use copyrighted material to create original works. It includes criticism, news reporting, research, and derivative works. Many YouTube videos may use music or other snippets of other creations.

Song used in intro and outro is my original creation, which I’ve named it ‘Big Game Phil’. It’s sure to become an instant classic. It was created on drumbit in about 20 seconds.

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