Weekend Slayer – Episode 5 – Kamloops

Weekend Slayer – Episode 5 – Kamloops

Episode 5 Presented by Chromag

Join us for an INSANE weekend in Kamloops with Graham Agassiz and his crew. Its springtime, the trails conditions are primo, and the vibes are even better! Start the weekend off with a day of party-laps on Harper with a dream team including Matt Hunter, and Matty Miles. Then start the day off with Aggy’s favourite old “warm-up” trial consisting of steep technical turns, and the challenge of not “dabbing” a foot. Followed by a lap through the Bike Ranch behind two rippin’ young-guns; Soren Farenholtz and Jesse Munden. We may put too much syrup on our breakfast, get our trucks stuck in the mud, and forget our riding gear… but we have a lot of fun doing it!

Produced by Eric Lawrenuk
Filmed by Graeme Meiklejohn

Music provided by these RAD Kamloops bands:

Echo Beach

Mother Sun

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