Where & When to Shoot an Elk – Plus Listeners Q&A

Where & When to Shoot an Elk – Plus Listeners Q&A

@9:41 – View Shot Graphic Examples

Friends, if you have ANY doubt about where you need to place a shot on an elk, or when to take that shot, you don’t want to miss this show!
Knowing when to shoot and knowing where to shoot will be the deciding factor between a successful clean kill or a blown opportunity…… or even the worse case scenario that no hunter wants,…. a wounded animal. In today’s episode, your Elk Coaches help you to know what they consider to be the best shot placements on an elk as well as there tips on drawing, stopping an animal in prime position and when to shoot.

Also in this episode, the ElkBros Shout-outs and the ElkBros then answer listener’s questions that discuss :
Meat Care
Bear & Mountain Lion Encounters
Animal Location
Shot Distance
Time & Elevation for active bulls
Elk Aggressiveness during the rut
Adapting to Elevation

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