5 REAL Rural Horror Stories

5 REAL Rural Horror Stories

From Donkey Lady Bridge to Billabong Bunyip Encounters, today’s episode features all the horrifying things you might see in rural places. So come along and join us in the countryside for htese allegedly true 5 REAL Rural Horror Stories!

Today’s stories feature: bunyip story, bunyip legend, donkey lady, donkey lady bridge, donkey woman, real rural horror stories, outdoor horror stories, and more!

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Scary Stories Timestamps

1. Our Experience at Donkey Lady Bridge from The_slytherin_princess 1:31
2. The Shadow of Stearns Park from Hiram 6:57
3. Encounters with an Unknown Creature from LaShonda from the Catskills 16:15
4. My Encounter with the Bunyip from Jigsaw_Voorhees_ 21:59
5. The Ghost in my Woods from Ero 25:52


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