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When selecting an irrigation control timer, consider the Hunter XC Controller Timers. They are versatile, yet easy to use and are perfect for the residential landscape. Here are some of the best features and benefits. Three Programs, Four Start Times per ControllerWith three separate programs and four start times available per program, a homeowner has almost unlimited flexibility to take care of each watering zone in the lawn. Day Off Feature for Local Regulation ComplianceMany cities now have mandatory days off from irrigation. The Hunter XC irrigation controllers allow the user to select one mandatory day off, which will give the user peace of mind that the irrigation will not accidentally go off on a water restriction day, saving the user from a citation. Several Power Backup FeaturesAnything plugged into an overall electrical system is bound to encounter problems with surges and power outages. A 3v lithium battery is included with the Hunter controllers to ensure that all programs are backed up in the event of a prolonged power outage. The controllers also have built-in surge protection to withstand electrical surges. Diagnostic Programs for easy TroubleshootingThe Hunter Quick Check is a program that allows users to quickly check for problems within the controller system. The owner’s manual comes with a comprehensive list of common questions for troubleshooting and the, generally simple, solutions. Users can also run test programs from the controller. Perfect Size for Residential LandscapesThe Hunter XC Controller Timers are the perfect size for residential landscapes. They offer the versatility of larger irrigation controllers, with ease of programming. These timers come in four, six or eight station capacity and can handle enough power to run up to three solenoid valves at one time. Contractor FeaturesIrrigation and landscape contractors have the ability to set a default program that is stored within the memory of the controller and can be recalled in the event that a homeowner inadvertently resets the irrigation controller to a less than effective program. This saves valuable time in re-programming the machine. Water Saving FeaturesOutput for each program can be adjusted from 0% to 150%, and each program can be set on a 1-7 day rain delay. The multiple stations and multiple program features allow the irrigation settings to be tailored to each individual area of the lawn or garden, ensuring that each spot gets just enough water-not too much and not too little. Flexible Run TimesIn addition to flexible start times, each program can run from one minute to four hours on automatic programming. The system can also operate manually with use of the programming dial to override the exisiting program. After the manual override, the programs will return to normal during the subsequent cycle. For residential landscapes managed by homeowners or landscape contractors, the Hunter XC Controller Timers combine the features and benefits of much more complicated systems in an easy to use and maintain interface.

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