Best Fruits & Vegetables You Can Grow in the Desert Backyard Garden Tour

Best Fruits & Vegetables You Can Grow in the Desert Backyard Garden Tour

John from visits a viewers backyard garden in Las Vegas, Nevada to share with you the best fruits and vegetables he is growing in the 100+ degree hot summer.

In this episode, John will take you on a tour of Chris Alexander’s backyard garden to share with you how he is growing food in the desert southwest.

You will learn how Chris turned his entire backyard into a food forest by growing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. You will see how he has his backyard planned out to include spaces for fruit trees, fruit bushes, vining fruits, and an area for raised bed gardening.

You will discover how he filters the city water before it is used in his garden and how he used wood chips to mulch his backyard fruit tree orchard to conserve water. You will also discover how he is using clay pots known as an oya to conserve water an get his fruit trees water.

John will take you on a tour of the raised bed vegetable garden, and show you bed-by-bed what Chris planted this summer and also how it did for him.

You will learn some of the best producing tomatoes, peppers, melons, cucumbers, fruit trees and more. You will also learn about some of the crops that did not perform so well.

Finally, After the garden tour, John will sit down with Chris and ask him the following questions:
25:14 Interview with Chris starts
25:45 Why did you start gardening in Las Vegas?
27:04 What are the biggest challenges you have had growing in Las Vegas?
28:25 What are the top 2 tomatoes to grow in Las Vegas?
29:38 What are the top peppers you grew this year in Las Vegas?
31:00 How are you growing your peppers in full sun without shade cloth?
32:55 What are some of the practices you use to increase soil fertility?
34:45 Have you used Rock Dust?
35:45 What do you do for pests in Las Vegas?
37:10 How much time do you put into your garden on a daily basis?
38:05 How did you set up your entire garden? Did you do it all at once?
39:50 When did you start your garden?
40:41 What are your 3 best-performing fruit trees?
42:19 What varieties of cucumbers and melons grow best for you in Las Vegas?
45:05 Why did you decide to start a youtube channel and Instagram account to teach people about gardening?
49:44 Any final words of wisdom for my viewers?
50:40 What are your youtube, facebook and Instagram accounts?

After watching this episode, you will learn some of the best fruits and vegetables you can grow in Las Vegas, NV or other similar desert climates in the Southwest.

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