Best Hunting Rain Gears 🧥: Stay Dry This Season | Big Game Logic

Best Hunting Rain Gears 🧥: Stay Dry This Season | Big Game Logic

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0:00 Introduction
0:47 5.Best Quiet Hunting Rain Gear: New View Hunting Suit ➜
1:39 4.Best for the Money: Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit ➜
2:30 3.Best Gore-Tex Rain Gear: SITKA Gore-Tex Gear Downpour Jacket ➜
3:32 2.Best Under Armour Rain Gear: Under Armour Men’s Storm Gore-Tex Rain Jacket ➜
4:33 1.Best Overall and Best Packable Rain Gear: HAZARD 4 Poncho Villa Technical Soft-Shell Poncho ➜

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Detailed review:

🧥 Understanding how to choose the best gear for yourself is essential when there is an abundance of hunting rain gear on the market. The most popular rain gear out there is classified by a few key elements.

🌧 Type of Rain Gear – This article reviews three types of rain gear: ponchos, jackets, and rain suits. The level of rain coverage you are looking for corresponds with the type of gear you will need.

🌧 Quality of Material – If you are highly active in the rain or plan to use rain gear during summer storms, Gore-Tex is the best choice for your comfort.

🌧 Packability – Some rain gear is easier to pack and carry than others. The most popular gear comes fully equipped with a storage bag, and some ponchos even fold into themselves for effortless transportation.

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  1. AAD on September 4, 2021 at 10:58 pm

    There is way better gear out there. Kuiu for one.

  2. KYOUTDOORS on September 4, 2021 at 11:04 pm

    So how many of these did you actually wear lol. What a review