Best Womens Hunting Clothes 2020… and mens too

Best Womens Hunting Clothes 2020… and mens too

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Welcome to Standing Stone Kennels! In this video we work with Sprig to retrieve through decoys. In this video we talk about everything we wear out into the field, and give our opinions on what is the best hunting gear for men and women for 2020.


Women’s Keen Polar Durand Waterproof Winter Boots:

Women’s Prois Pradlann Pants:

Pradlann Pant

Women’s Orvis Upland Shirt:’s%20hunting/2X4J/

Women’s Orvis Upland Shell:’s%20hunting/2XJX/

Women’s Eddie Bauer Yakima Breaks Vest:

Men’s Keen Karraig Hunting Boots:

Men’s Filson Double Tin Chaps With Zipper and Cordura Nylon:

Men’s Orvis Upland Shirt:’s%20hunting%20/2P6A/2P6A0951

Men’s Orvis Upland Shell Vest:’s%20hunting%20/2P6F/

Men’s Orvis Upland Shell:’s%20hunting%20/2P6B/

Men’s Orvis Hunting Vest:

Wildear Electronic Hearing Protection – Master Series:

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Ethan and Kat Pippitt are the proud owners of Standing Stone Kennels. They breed German Shorthaired pointers and train all types of dogs for the hunt and the home. Their training strategies are easy to follow and are flexible to meet the needs of individual dogs. They are avid outdoorsmen and when they aren’t training dogs they spend their free time hunting all kinds of game across the United States.

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