Cheap and Easy Lasagna Gardening

Cheap and Easy Lasagna Gardening

Today I build some a free raised bed and use the “lasagna gardening” method to fill it up, AKA “sheet mulching.” Sheet mulching / lasagna gardening is an easy way to get planting rapidly. These bamboo borders will last for a few years and I’ll harvest plenty of good crops by then. The cardboard in the garden will keep the weeds and grass coming up. Get cardboard weed block free when you buy a chest freezer! This is a very simple raised bed I built in an hour or so, just stakes holding the bamboo in place. Then, the cardboard weedblock layer, then I cut up pigeon peas and other plant pieces and chucked them in, followed by sifted soil/manure from the chicken coop and a mess of mostly finished compost as my planting medium.

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