Cooking Turkey With Natural Gas Grills


The holidays bring with them thoughts of carving and serving delicious
turkey dinners to your loved ones and buddies. Tradition has its fans,
but possibly this year you’d like to try a twist to your turkey recipe.
If you have a gas grill and appreciate the smoky flavor of grilled
meats, why not try grilling your turkey this year? It is not merely
feasible, it’s rather simple. And it delivers a delicious flavored bird
to your table. Plus, having the turkey on the grill rather than the oven
leaves you with all of the room you should prepare the rest of your
dinner in less time.Whenever you are ready to buy your turkey,
the first thing to take into account is the size of your grill. You
don’t want a bird that is so enormous that it can’t fit on the grill
rack. Ideally, the turkey you choose need to sit on the grill along with
the lid need to close without having touching the bird. If this isn’t
possible, do not worry, it is possible to still grill your turkey. You
will will need some heavy duty aluminum foil and either a V shaped grill
stand or yet another metal cooking instrument that you’ll be able to
safely use to prop open the lid of the grill.Prepare and stuff
the turkey as you typically would. Location it on the grill to ensure
that it really is positioned over one burner that you are able to turn
off. Turn that burner off as well as the other burner or burners on.
Given that you cannot genuinely “”flip”” a turkey, you want the turkey
to cook by indirect heat, not by a direct flame underneath it.You
get the smoky flavor by using wood chips. In case you haven’t employed
wood chips before, they’re effortless to use. You soak them in water so
that as they dry out from the heat of the grill, they’ll release a
flavored smoke that infuses the turkey. You can buy a tray that is
created for putting wood chips on the grill or it is possible to make 1
yourself from heavy duty aluminum foil. Take the wood chips out of the
water and put them into your tray. Place the tray on the grill over the
lit burner.Next, close the lid fully if achievable. If not
achievable, prop the lid up just enough to keep it from touching the
turkey. Then cover the remainder of the opening with aluminum foil. If
heat gets out you’ll possibly need to cook the turkey longer. Even so,
the foil creates sufficient of a barrier so the smoke is kept
circulating inside the grill and flavoring the turkey.The time
needed to cook the turkey will vary depending on whether or not or not
you had been able to close your grill entirely. If you can, it will take
much less time. In the event you can’t, you might want to enhance the
heat on the other burner or burners to try to make up for the lost heat
by having to prop open the grill. Soon after a couple of hours, rotate
the turkey 180 degrees to aid ensure even cooking.As with any
technique of cooking poultry, it is crucial to make positive that the
internal temperature of the meat reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideally
you should use a meat thermometer to monitor the temperature as you
cook. In case you do not have one, then you will need to check the
readiness by poking the thigh with a fork or skewer. If the juices that
run out are clear along with the turkey has turned a nice golden-brown
color, then you are ready to eliminate it from the grill. Consider
glazing the turkey with a sauce you use on other meats, or possibly
adding barbecue sauce to the standard cranberry sauce as a condiment.
Don’t be afraid to experiment – appreciate the new twist you are putting
on an old loved ones tradition.

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