DIY The Best Organic Soil – How to Make Square Foot Garden Soil Mix / Mel's Mix

DIY The Best Organic Soil – How to Make Square Foot Garden Soil Mix / Mel's Mix

Update Nov. 2017 *Note – If you are using the Square Foot Garden method and have a barrier beneath your raised bed (as instructed in the book), I recommend NOT allowing worm cocoons into the bed because you will create a worm bed. However, if you do not have a barrier beneath your bed, then worms will be a wonderful addition to your soil! 🙂

It’s that time of year when I prepare my bed’s for the spring. I will show you how to make the most wonderful soil mix! i am sure you will enjoy it.

Here are some items you can get from Amazon. I have not personally tried the brand of vermiculite but I hear it works great.

Coarse vermiculite helps retain moisture better than perlite. It also provides small air pockets for the roots. Try to find coarse vermiculite at a specialty nursery weeks before you begin your project. Sometimes the nurseries can special order it for you. I have also found it at seed and feed stores, so try there too! It is available online at Amazon, but it cost about double the price of local places.

Coarse Vermiculite:

More sources for vermiculite:

Organic Worm Castings, Amazon Prime:

Shrimp and Seaweed Organic Blend Compost:

Purple Cow Compost:

Peat Moss:

Most of these components are easy to find at a local home improvement store. A mix of compost can be challenging. Usually specialty nurseries carry high grade compost. It is always best to make your own too!

I use the Square Foot Garden method:
Square Foot Garden Book:

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