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Here are some of them, they have worked very well for me. There is a wide range of information available on the internet, gardening clubs, books, magazines and the local nursery which could provide you with valuable guidance on your first attempt at gardening. Of the much information you need to get started, the most important ones are: quantum of sunlight you can expect, how to use mulch and fertilizers and the type of soil that you have to manage to get optimum results. What type of tiller and watering system would be right for your garden?It also helps you save time. A second opinion from a friend sometimes helps. Also if there are any sprinklers needed. This is over and above other points you may think of.Gardening Tip #2: The garden is a success if the soil is prepared well. Remember that different plants need different types of soil. If your garden is planned to be vegetarian or herbal, make sure to use only organic fertilizers if you want the natural flavor of the food to remain. Use any good compost or wooden chip mulch instead of ordinary fertilizer.You might think that having a backyard compost heap something of an impossibility but it will be worth its weight in gold once it starts providing you with the goods. While fresh home brew compost is full of nutrients for the herb and vegetable garden, sometimes it proves to be slightly unrealistic. If you are looking for an alternative to home compost mixture, mulch is your choice but make sure that they are of softer woods like pine or redwood since these woods break faster. Whether you use mulch or compost or fertilizer make sure to mix it all up very thoroughly.Just lay them out ion top of the soil and check whether you like what you see. I think it is a wise decision to plant all plants which have similar characteristics. For example, any plant with a large girth should be clubbed with other plants with similar characteristics. Then, if you arrange the plants in such a way that the taller ones are at the back with the shorter ones in front, then you can see all the plants together.Gardening Tip #4: You must water your garden regularly. Keeping up with it can be a big job depending on how big your house is. An automatic watering system is best since it works on its own. Choose anything from a large sprinkling system to a time on a hose – your automatic watering system can provide many options. Gardening is a rewarding hobby, which not only provides shade, beauty and sometimes food also!

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