Dog's first hunting season

Dog's first hunting season

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Welcome to Lone Duck Outfitters and Kennels! In this video, we talk about a dog’s first hunting season. Follow along to learn about successful hunting season.

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Professional Gun Dog Training, Lifestyle Brand, and a community for all who share a passion for The Unspoken Bond!

Whether you are training your first gun dog or your last, you have undoubtedly experienced the “unspoken bond.” Countless hours spent in the fields and marshes with your dog develops a relationship that is stronger than most dog owners can comprehend. Our lifestyle brand, Lone Duck Outfitters, is the thread that binds our community together! We offer high-quality gear for the field or kicking back on the couch! Don’t worry, our gear doesn’t smell like wet dog, but if you’re like us, that won’t last long!

Our professional gun dog service focuses on teaching your dog the necessary skills they will need to reach their full potential come hunting season. Whether you pursue waterfowl or upland game birds, we can work with you and your dog! Our goal is to provide you with not only a well-trained dog but the capability to work and grow the relationship you have with your dog so that you can experience The Unspoken Bond!

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“The Unspoken Bond”

Some things are better left unsaid. A comfortable silence whispered over the unspoken promise exchanged when your eyes first met. Together you share a grueling conviction. He rewards your dedication with a persistent plea for your companionship. If only he knew the feeling was mutual. On that dark, crisp morning you embark to fulfill his inherent purpose. Four earnest eyes scan the horizon with a concealed intensity when that Lone Duck interrupts the desolate sky. The crack of your gun unleashes a frantic hunger to retrieve his fallen prize. He returns, fully saturated and satisfied, with the fragrance of gunpowder generously lingering. Together you celebrate a promise kept.

Your binding faith is one that most can’t comprehend. They neglect the depth of the instinctive understanding you have for each other. Like the exuberant validation you shared in the field with that first Lone Duck. It’s feelings like this that remind you they’re reserved for a select few. There’s no need to fill them with empty words. Some things are better left unsaid.

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  1. Josh Bambach on October 5, 2021 at 7:58 am

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    Your giving your age away singin in your videos lmao next episode episode episode as always thank you for your Knowledge

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    Strike dog…have you figured out what’s going on yet?

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    Do you neuters your dogs

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  19. Missy Skeeter on October 5, 2021 at 8:50 am

    I solo hunt ducks up here in Alaska, just me and my lab…I like to keep it simple using 2 jet sleds. The lab sits behind me in his sled and I layout in my sled, I use my lips to whistle handle the lab:
    I like the lab behind me so he does not have hearing ruined by muzzle blast: