English Vocabulary: In the GARDEN

English Vocabulary: In the GARDEN

I love to grow plants and flowers! If you do too, watch this lesson for some useful gardening vocabulary. You will discover new words such as “soil”, “trowel”, “seeds”, and you’ll also learn the difference between “annual” and “perennial” plants. Just as a garden needs to be watered, your English needs to be maintained if you want it to grow. Spring is finally here, so get ready for the growing season with this easy lesson!


Help! I’m dead, and Ronnie’s trying to kill me. Hi, guys. This is a… This was a plant. It’s definitely not my plant, because if I had a plant, it would be alive because I like gardening. Do you like gardening? Do you like growing plants? I do. I think this plant died because it didn’t have water, so there’s no hope for it now. I’m sorry, plant, you’re going to have to… Bye, Matilda. See you later.
All right, back on it. Today I’m going to teach you about gardening. One of my hobbies. I like growing stuff. I like growing plants, and I like especially growing vegetables, and hot peppers so when I eat them, my mouth goes on fire. And I can eat hotter food than you can. I bet you. Habanero peppers, done, awesome, love them. What hot, spicy food can you eat? Do you want to eat hot, spicy food in Toronto with me? I’m going to give you some details about how you can do that, but let’s get on to the gardening lesson.
I’ve broken down the lesson into tools, nouns, and verbs. Oh, what’s this crazy thing? This is a “watering can”. So, it has a big spout, this is called a spout here. Oh, yeah, you like that? Has a big spout so you can put water in it and reach the hard to reach flowers. So “watering can” is very important because water’s… Flowers and plants really, really need water. If they don’t have water, they’re going to end up like Matilda, which is dead. So, you need to water your plants.
The very first tool is called a “trowel”. Now… Oh, that’s a really good picture. So a “trowel” is basically a little shovel that you use in your hand. This doesn’t look like a shovel, guys, does it? So, a “trowel” is a kind of gardening tool, and it helps you dig holes or dig out soil, which is earth, in your garden. Or you can dig out weeds. Weeds.
A “watering can”, like I showed you, was a thing you can give water to with the plants.
A “spade” is also a kind of shovel. A trowel is a hand shovel, but a “spade” is much larger. And the cool thing about a spade is that it’s pointed at the end, so you can actually dig a hole. You guys may know the name of a “shovel”. Now, a shovel and a spade are different because a spade is pointed so you can dig the hole, a shovel you just move things around with. For example, in Canada, we have a snow shovel because we have a lot of snow. But a spade is actually used to dig holes.
“Fork”. What? Are you eating? Are you eating the plants already? They’re not ready. A “fork”, it looks like a fork, but it’s a garden fork, so… Or you might know it as a pitchfork. Now, a pitchfork or a garden fork looks like this, and it’s good to remove dead plants—oh, Matilda—or dead trees that you don’t want. Going to try to draw you a better picture of a fork. This is also known, as I said, like a pitchfork.
“Pruners”. Now, “pruners” are really, really big scissors that you can use to cut small trees, also known as bushes. They have really long blades, and they’re used… They’ve got handles here, so you hold on to them, and you chop the top of your hedges or the top of your bushes. Chop your bush.

And “shears”. “Shears” are just a really fancy word for “scissors”. I don’t think I can draw scissors. Can someone please give me art lessons? Those look like tongs, but scissors. Yeah, good. So, shears are just really heavy-duty scissors that you can cut lots of really thick plants with.
A “hose”, also known as a garden hose. A “hose” is something like a plastic pipe where water’s going to run through, and you’re able to put water on to your flowers. So this part is the hose, this would be the head of the hose, and of course, the water would come out here. We usually keep our garden hose spiralled like this.
Next word: “wheelbarrow”. This is fun. Oh, I can’t draw a wheelbarrow. I’ll try. A wheelbarrow has one or two wheels, and it’s basically… Oh, this is good. Oh, wow, Ronnie, this is amazing. A wheelbarrow is like a huge shovel on wheels, and you can put really heavy things and wheel it around the garden. This guy’s very happy because he’s got his wheelbarrow.


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