Fruit Face Packs

Fruit face packs offer one of the best ways to maintain and
improve our skin complexion. Fruit face packs are made using extracts of fresh
fruits to nourish the skin and enhance the beauty.


Pomegranate Face Pack

‘Maduban Naturals’ brings you a rejuvenating fruit face pack
made up of

fresh whole fruit extracts of pomegranate, papaya, amla in

with high quality Fuller’s Earth (Multhani mitti). Helps

wrinkles, acne, pimples and leaves your skin smooth, soft and


Product content

Pomegranate whole fruit extract, Papaya whole fruit extract,
Amla whole

fruit extract, Fuller’s earth.


Benefits of our Pomegranate Face Pack

Contains no additives, chemicals or preservatives. 100% Pure
& Natural

Results in glowing skin, softer complexion

Pomegranate whole fruit extract is a natural source of
antioxidants and

omega-5 fatty acids. It is helpful in reducing wrinkles and
has excellent

anti-ageing properties.

Papaya whole fruit extract is an excellent moisturizer

The vitamins and tannins in Amla whole fruit extract help
improve skin


Brightens under-nourished skin

Helps negate the ill-effects of pollution and over-exposure
to sun


Directions for use – single application

Take 1 tsp of the fruit facial powder.

Add rose water or honey (normal/oily skin) or milk/cream(dry
skin) or a

combination of all these to make a paste.

Apply the paste on to the face, neck to form a mask.

Allow the paste to partly dry. It will take about 15 to 20
minutes. While the

face pack dries, it is quite normal to feel a
tingling/itching sensation which

is the result of tightening of skin.

Wash the face thoroughly with water.

Use of the face pack of at least once a week is recommended.
It helps

keep your skin shining and baby soft


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