Go Hunting With Beagles


The fact that beagles were primarily bred to hunt hares is what makes them ideal hunting companions. Their strong sense of smell and great stamina are what makes them perfect. Beagles have long been used as hunting companions. Going hunting without the aid of these dogs may require a lot of hard, leg work and may not ensure you a good number of catch at the end of the day.  One way you can truly enjoy and ensure a productive hunting is to make use of the amazing hunting skills of beagles. All you have to do is take them to the right hunting areas and leave the rest to these sharp hunters. The beagles will track the scent trail and all you have to do is look for the rabbit that are ahead of the beagle. Beagles can track a rabbit scent trail even if it’s several hours old. However, hunters should know that a beagle may know where the rabbit is moments ago but may not know where it is now. So do not expect that your beagle can take you where exactly the rabbit is right now. One can hunt with one beagle or in packs for up to as many as seventy hounds. One to five dogs can be handled by one hunter, in other words, more dogs means more hunters to handle them. The good thing on hunting in packs is a great chance of larger pack to split into smaller packs thus running a good number of rabbits at the same time. Remember that when going hunting, always know the location or position of your hunting buddies and the way they spread each other when hunting in packs. Keep an eye on how they move and also their white-tipped tails. The reason why they were bred with white-tipped tail is for the hunters to easily see them especially in dark terrain. When shooting the rabbit, the hunter should be very careful to prevent accidentally shooting the dog or a fellow hunter.  Beagles can track not only rabbits. Included in the list are cottontails, particularly desert cottontail and also hares which consist of snowshoe hares, black-tailed jackrabbits and white-tailed jackrabbits. Rabbits run in circles once jumped and pursued, cottontails will make a circle the size of an acre or less while hares may cover a mile or more. There is no big problem as to the hunting location. Beagles can hunt in hills, mountains, prairies, deserts, forests and swamps. They can track scents over snow, ice and water or even in a hot, dry and dusty road. Now you can really say, hunting is fun, especially if you have these energetic dogs as your hunting buddies.

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