Going Pirate For Your Creative Treasure Hunt Clues and Ideas


One key in making treasure hunt games a hit for many kids is the adoption of fun and unique treasure hunt clues and ideas. And when these ideas are complemented by free themed birthday party invitations, then you can say that you have the recipe for success for a great treasure hunt. Here’s one excellent suggestion on how to vary the treasure hunt- consider having a pirate themed treasure hunt using free themed birthday party invitations. With that, you can adopt exciting treasure hunt clues and ideas. This kind of activity can be conducted in different areas, and most of the time the best place is in a more private location. If the idea is to host the party in a private location or park then what you should do is to ‘case’ the park for a few days in advance in order to work out the area and to locate where the treasures and the clues can be hidden. As always like with other treasure hunt clues and ideas, the clues should be written in a sequential manner. For example, for this pirate-themed party you need to write first the first clue, and the first clue should reveal or point to the second clue. The second clue should provide ideas on where to find the third clue. This goes on until the last clue where the last clue will tell the kids about the location of the ‘pirate treasure chest’. Of course, the designs of the clues and the chest should conform to the treasure hunt clues and ideas and the pirate theme as well. Since you have selected the pirate theme, then you can decorate the clues with skulls and crossbones. The treasure chest can also include skulls and crossbones plus the whole area can be decorated with eye patches, plastic hand hooks, bandannas and gold coins (since this is a kid’s party you can use gold foil wrapped chocolate coins). You can scatter these ‘gold coins’ to indicate the trails for other clues.Treasure hunt in beachesAnother variation for the treasure hunt clues and ideas is the hosting of this themed hunt in the beach. The key here is the location and best for the beach. The treasure chest or the ‘pirate booty’ can be hidden partly in the sand. As in every pirate-theme hunt, the booty can be designed with gold coins, skulls and cross bones. For this version of the treasure hunt, each members of the team should be given with plastic pails and buckets and they will use these to dig the treasure or the booty of the pirate. The clues that can be used here include sand castles or a sand pit. The key in making each hunt successful is by making sure that you stick with the theme. If it’s a pirate-themed hunt, make sure that you have the right designs starting with free themed birthday party invitations for would-be pirates. It’s also good if the free themed birthday party invitations are delivered in a pirate-like manner, as if no one has noticed the arrival of the invites!

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Time to modify your treasure hunt ideas with new treasure hunt clues and ideas. You can count on the pirate-themed party, and you can complete the whole package by ordering free themed birthday party invitations.

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