Griffin & Howe Mt. Goat Hunt with Sikanni River Outfitters in BC

Griffin & Howe Mt. Goat Hunt with Sikanni River Outfitters in BC

Griffin and Howe Long Range Precision Rifle from inception to its first harvest, a mountain goat, in the Pink Mountains of British Columbia by Griffin & Howe’s COO Steve Polanish.

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We’d like to thank those who contributed to this hunt:
Sikanni River Outfitters
Nightforce Optics
KUIU Clothing
Otis Technology
Swarovski Optics
Defiance Actions
Proof Research Barrels
GDI Scop Rings
MGM Steel Targets
Kestrel Ballistic Weather Meter


  1. Kevin Murphy on October 7, 2021 at 8:14 am

    G&H is first rate operation and everyone there are the best – helpful, knowledgeable, genuine!!

  2. Guy Bignell on October 7, 2021 at 8:48 am

    Thank you to Irwin Greenstein & Shotgun Life for sharing the first illustration of Griffin & Howe’s, (G&H), prototype model of our "Custom G&H Long Range Precision ‘Hunter’ Rifle". Firmly re-establishing Griffin & Howe as America’s Premier Custom Rifle Maker. Not only of the 20th century, with our iconic ‘Traditional Custom G&H Bolt Action Sporting Rifles’, but now of the 21st century. Thank you also to my COO, Steve Polanish, for taking G&H on this ‘New Journey of Discovery’ and to my talented G&H Team of Master Craftsmen, who embraced Steve’s vision and turned it into a reality.
    Guy Bignell, President & CEO, Griffin & Howe, Inc.