Handcrafted Garden bridges Past and Present

For ages these same questions arise from many different people in many countries and from all walks of life. What are the different answers that have materialized over the decades?The answers are many and varied and yet there turns up one option that has been a favorite since the early days and recently has became one of the most popular garden accessories for modern times?What is it??Just think how nice an arched Handcrafted Garden Bridge would look over your pond or garden. This is just what an early Japanese engineer thought as they looked over the town square on one sunny spring morning after a restless night of pondering the options available at the time. He decided to put together a plan on building a wooden arched bridge that would not go under water in the rainy season as it set over the low lying garden area of the town meetings.

This is one example of how and why Arched wooden bridges were used in the early days. Its not so much different in our modern times. The farmer uses low arched wooden foot bridges for his cattle and horses to cross streams, the homeowner uses higher arched garden bridges with posts and rails for his water garden area or fish ponds and others use garden bridges for yard decorations, for driving tractors over, for pedestrian walkways, flood control and even for handicap use such as wheel chairs.

We have seen why and how the bridge was used from the early 1500?s to today but where do you go to get your own handcrafted garden bridge? Joe Guraro at www.

RedwoodGardenBridges.com has been building quality Handcrafted Garden Bridges since 1998 and has personally designed many different styles to choose from. From a nice 4 ft low arched garden foot bridge all the way up to 40 ft heavy duty garden bridges with posts and rails and about every size in between. You can feel confident that you will get the best price for quality handcrafted garden bridges that are built from only hand selected California Redwood to last for decades in outdoor settings.

Building Quality handcrafted Garden Bridges at affordable prices for use in your garden, landscape yardFree Web Content, water garden or pond. Serving the entire USA since 1998.

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