Herb and Flower Combinations: Garden Home VLOG (2019) 4K

Herb and Flower Combinations: Garden Home VLOG (2019) 4K

In this VLOG, Garden Home Television Host P. Allen Smith talks about combining herbs and flowers in your garden beds and containers. In front of a live studio audience at Moss Mountain Farm Allen gives a planting demonstration and answers questions from a live studio audience. (Episode 12)

Topics Include:
Herb and Flower Companion Plants
Interesting Plant Combinations
Allium Schubertii Bulb
Herbs for Cooking
Perennial Herbs
Growing Herbs in Containers
Gaura Plants
Native Wildflowers
Thyme Varieties
Sage Varieties
Rosemary Varieties
Oregano Varieties
Multiplying Green Onions
Flowering Herbs
DIY Soil Mix for Herbs
Herb and Flower Container Demonstration
Growing Lavender in Containers
Growing Lantana

“Sometimes the practical qualities overshadow the aesthetics herbs have to offer – their interesting forms, colorful blooms and fragrance all add intriguing dimensions to a garden’s design.”
~ P. Allen Smith

Would you like to explore the gardens at Moss Mountain Farm and have a chance to be a part of the live studio audience?
Go to: https://pallensmith.com/tours/

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