How to Build a Raised Garden Bed with Drip Irrigation – Inexpensive & Easy

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed with Drip Irrigation – Inexpensive & Easy

This is a step by step guide on how to build a raised garden bed and how to install drip irrigation – inexpensive and easy! I highlight the benefits of a raised bed, easy design, material and soil to use and how to plan and install drip irrigation for maximum yields. Thanks for watching this organic backyard gardening diy guide.

Helpful Links to Irrigation Parts (free shipping on Amazon):

To winterize I blow out the lines out with this specially designed attachment

1/2″ Main Line Parts:
Distribution Tubing –
Elbow –
Coupler (to connect main lines) –
Tee Fitting –
End Cap (I use these on the top of my bed headers) –
On/Off Valve –
Clips/Straps (secures line to raised bed)

1/4″ Emitter Line Parts
Emitter Tubing –
“Goof” Plugs (Caps Tubing) –
1/4″ Transfer Barb (used to transfer water from the 1/2 main line to 1/4 emitter tubing) –
Drip Irrigation Hole Punch Tool –

Faucet Adapter for 1/2 Main Line –

Rainbid Drip Irrigation Kit –

This is the timer I use. I have tested several and this is by far the best.

Watch my other guid on how to build the ultimate trellis for raised beds.


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Key Sections of the Video

0:21 – Benefits of Raised Beds
0:37 – Wood Selection
1:03 – 4×4 Raised Bed Build Design
1:50 – Leveling on a Slope Tip
2:30 – Prepping for Soil
2:46 – Tips on Soil/Organic Compost
4:02 – Drip Irrigation Benifits & – Guide
5:13 – Drip Diagram/Plan Overview
5:56 – Parts Overview
6:37 – Drip Irrigation Install

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