How To Fix An Ugly Lawn | For Beginners

How To Fix An Ugly Lawn | For Beginners

How to fix an ugly lawn – step-by-step for beginners. Every ugly lawn can be revived, it just takes a little knowledge and commitment. No matter where you live, these tips will help in reviving your lawn and turning it from ugly to one of the best on the block… but you will need to advance your knowledge and skills along the way… here are the references I mentioned:

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Pre-emergent Prodiamine Granular:

Essential Beginner Tips:

How to fertilize the lawn:
How much fertilizer to put on your ugly lawn?

Speaking of ugly lawns, check out Adventure Outdoors and by good buddy Steve Sherron who actually despises lawn care in any form:

How to spray weeds in the ugly lawn:

Ringer Lawn Restore – an excellent organic fertilizer with free shipping:

This is the lawn spreader I use, The Earthway 2600A-Plus:

How Tall To Mow:

How to measure your ugly lawn, property mapping:

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Warm/Cool Yearly Lawn Plan:

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