How to Grow Herbs in Containers

people living in the cities with small backyards for gardening purposes, the
alternative is to plant and grow herbs in containers. This is very convenient
for the hobbyist as it is easy to move the herbs around as the situation
demands during their growth.

the sunlight that the herbs grown this way need, the containers can just be
brought outside the house when there is enough sun for them. Or you can have
window boxes which have good exposure to the sun. As different kinds of herbs
need different amounts of sunlight, put the types needing much sun in the
window boxes which have sunlight available the whole day. Those needing less
sunlight may be placed in the window boxes that have sunlight only a limited
time in a day. If the sunlight is insufficient, some people have opted in using
grow lamps and fluorescent lamps.

grown in containers also need enough water for their growth. This is not
difficult to provide as they are within easy reach of the water faucet and the
grower can just sprinkle them with water regularly. As the container-grown
herbs need more water than those planted on the ground, the grower must have a
regular watering schedule for them to provide them the moisture they need.  The watering though must not be overdone, as
it will not be good for the herb plants too.

important ingredient in the growing of herbs in containers is the soil. The
soil mixture ideal for the potted herbs is one part of coarse sand and two
parts of sterilized potting soil, plus a supplement of some lime to sweeten the
soil. Use one teaspoon of lime for every five inches soil thickness.

indoor herbs is beneficial for hobbyists who cannot stay out long hours
outdoors for one reason or another. It is also easy to do it as the area one moves
around in is limited. And when the need for the herbs is there, like when one
has to use some herbs for her cooking, she can just reach for them anytime.

regards to herb types that are sensitive to temperature changes, they can be
easily transferred indoors where the condition is better controlled by the
grower. She can just leave the perennial types of herbs like mint, chives, and
tarragon outdoors as they need the cold frost too for their growth.

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