How to Plant Tomatoes in a Square Foot Garden and Trellis Ideas

How to Plant Tomatoes in a Square Foot Garden and Trellis Ideas

Let’s plant tomatoes in only 6 inches of soil! This is the easiest method of gardening and it works like a charm. I will show you how I plant my tomatoes in a square foot garden bed and share with you a few tips so you can get your’s up and growing too!

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Plant your tomatoes after your last spring frost: Find your frost date here:

Note: You do not have to lay them on their side if they are short plants. Just plant them to their first leaves (you can remove a few of the bottom leaves if you want.
The tomato I planted in the video is called a Thai Pink Egg. It is a beautiful little tomato with light pink flesh and the skin resembles a pink pearl. Very pretty and mild acid.

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