How to Start Growing Raspberries [Compilation]

How to Start Growing Raspberries [Compilation]

Full compilation video of how to start growing raspberries.

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Spanning two years so you gain a strong understanding of how to start growing your own backyard raspberry patch.

Site selection (Full Sun, Good Drainage)
Cultivar Selection (Variety, Harvest Time, Cold Hardiness)
Preorder (Jan/Feb because good varieties can sell out)
Planting (Very Early April)
Pruning (Late Winter Primocane Fruiters, Early Spring Winter Damaged, Early Summer Purple/Black Varieties, Mid Summer Spent Floricanes)
Pests / Control (Fruit worms, Spider Mites, Birds, Deer, Rabbits)
Winter Damage (Symptoms)
Fertilizer (Timing and Rate)
Growth (Timing, Progression, What to Expect)
Harvest (Timing & Yield)
Bees (Native Bees & Benefits)
Compost (Tips and Biochar)
Varieties (Brief Overview)
New Varieties (Niwot – Black Primocane Fruiter)
Trellising (Tips and Upgrades)
Early Fall Tips (Winter Preparation)
Education (Resources)

Raspberry and Blackberry Production Guide for Northeast, Midwest and Eastern Canada ISBN 978-1-933395-18-0 $37 from PALS. A low resolution pdf, fair use copy is available for free download at

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